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How To Make “Whipped Coffee”: Be Your Own Barista!

If you have been obsessed with Tik Tok lately like most of us have, you have probably seen the viral “whipped coffee” trend! Even though it is rather fun to called it “whipped coffee”, this new-found drink has a new name. According to Hypebae, actor Jung- II woo has all the credit for naming this drink Dalgona, which is in relation to a Korean street snack that includes sugar and baking soda. Through Tik Tok and now Youtube and Instagram, this recipe has taken over the social frame. While practicing social distancing, this is the perfect coffee drink to still feel like you’re sitting at your favorite cafe down the street. At first glance, this drink looks complicated to make, but it is easier than you think! Find out below how to make “whipped coffee” at home with just a few simple ingredients! 

Become Your Own Barista!

Step 1: gather the ingredients- First things first, you have to make sure you have all the ingredients on hand. The only ingredients you will need are 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 1/2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of hot water, the milk of your choice, and, of course, ice! 

Step 2: whisk them together- Now we are ready to start whisking away! Grab a medium sized bowl and toss your instant coffee, sugar and hot water in the bowl. If you wish, you can either use a mixer or do it by hand. Either way, it’ll come out amazing! To get the consistency of the coffee just right, make sure it comes out creamy instead of frothy. 

Step 3: grab your favorite glass- You’re almost done! Now, grab your favorite glass and grab a few ice cubes to begin making your “whipped coffee” iced drink. After you add the ice, pour in your favorite milk of choice. Since the coffee is whipped and it isn’t too liquefied like normal coffee, you can add in more milk than usual (if you wish to do so)! 

Step 4: pour the whipped coffee on top- My favorite part! After you have your glass ready, go ahead and pour your whipped coffee on top. Mix the two together to make all of your coffee dreams come true. Now, you’re your own barista! 

Step 5: take a pic for the gram!- What would be making whipped coffee without a pic for the gram?! Show off your drink on your page or even make a Tik Tok! I know we all have a little more time on our hands than usual! 

Bonus!- Customize Your Drink!

This trend has gone viral on almost every platform, how can you not avoid it?! Everyone is posting their own “whipped coffee” concoctions, but what if you want to add something different? Customize your drink by adding some vanilla to make a vanilla version of your “whipped coffee” drink. If you’re more of a chocolate lover, add some chocolate drizzle on top! We have even seen others make a matcha version of this drink! Make it your own and have fun with it. You never know, maybe you may find your new favorite coffee beverage!

Share and tag us in your “whipped coffee” creations babes! We want to see!

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Stay safe and well, but, first, coffee! 



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