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The Perfect Immunity Boosting Smoothie To Start Your Day Off Right!

Keeping our immunity in check during this time should be classified as a priority! While we love a good bowl of ice cream, it is important for us to stay healthy throughout this pandemic. There are countless of recipes that you can follow to make healthy smoothies, but many of them have sugar and unnecessary ingredients. Making smoothies that are rich in vitamin c are vital to boost your immunity. Therefore, I created my own smoothie that I want to share with all of you! Below, learn how to make the best immunity boosting smoothie with freshly bought ingredients!

The Immunity Booster

immunity boosting smoothie
Makayla Cochran

Step 1: gather the ingredients- Before we start anything, we have to gather the ingredients! To make this immunity boosting smoothie while you’re WFH, you’ll need ice, almond milk, 1 banana, strawberries, blueberries, spinach and honey (for after blending)! 

Step 2: combine in blender- There is no right or wrong on how to really make this smoothie. If you love strawberries more than blueberries, throw more strawberries in the blender. To make it even, I usually put about 1 cup of each ingredient along with the 1 banana! 

Step 3: blend and pour!- Depending on how you like your smoothie consistency, you may need to add in more ice! I love my smoothies super thick and creamy, so I usually end up adding more ice. Once the ingredients are blended, pour the smoothie in your favorite glass. If you want a little sweetener in there (I know I do!), drizzle some honey on top! 

Step 4: enjoy and stay healthy- After you have finished making your immunity boost for the day, now you can get back to work at your WFH station!

The Benefit

immunity boosting smoothie
Makayla Cochran

What exactly is the benefit of this immunity boosting smoothie? Of course it is meant to keep you healthy while home-bound, but what about the benefits of the ingredients? Both spinach and strawberries are high in vitamin C which is perfect for a daily immunity boosting smoothie. As for strawberries, however, one cup of this fruit equals to about 99% of the daily recommendation! Blueberries are also called “brain food” because they are able to maintain brain function and improve memory. Now, since all students are working online and employees are working from home, we definitely need some brain food in our lives! Overall, smoothies are the best way to get different nutrients into your system with one drink and, trust me, you can’t even taste the spinach! 

Comment below what you’ll add to your immunity boosting smoothie! Don’t forget to tag us in your WFH smoothie photos… we want to see! 

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Makayla Cochran

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