Faviana’s Guide To Start Your Day Off Perfect!

starting your day off perfect

I think we all can agree that we have had too much screen time lately while everyone being home-bound. Especially in the mornings, I am definitely guilty for grabbing my phone and laying in bed scrolling for a least an hour (maybe more but we can keep that between us). By being home so much with this new normal, there are times where we need a change up that doesn’t involve scrolling in the mornings for hours on end. Whether it is going outside or reading a book, there are countless of things you can do to start your day off perfect! Below, are some of our ideas that you can take up to spice up your morning!

start your day off perfect

-Read a chapter or two of your favorite book

-Make a yummy, hot breakfast (have to get that coffee fix!)

-Take a walk or step outside to soak in the outdoors

-Facetime a friend to catch up (we could all use a virtual hug right now)

-Workout earlier than usual or do some daily stretches

-Have a dance party and jam out to your favorite music

start your day off perfect

Overall, there are countless ways to start your day off perfect, and that mainly starts with YOU! With our suggestions above, this will get your mind going for the day and will boost your mood! Whenever I stay on my phone too long, I get this sluggish feeling that makes me not want to get up at all for the day. Let’s cut that out together, and use some of our scrolling time for something that can give your brain a break! It’s super beneficial for not only your mental health but physical health as well. Get up and get active with some alternative methods to start your day. To have fun with it, change these ideas up, so not one morning is the same!

What are you going to do instead of scrolling tomorrow to start your day off perfect? Comment below! 

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