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The Pore Vacuum is The Most #Satisfying Skincare Tool You Never Knew You Needed

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I AM OBSESSED WITH PIMPLES. There, I said it…. & I know I am not alone. I feel like this is a weird kink a lot of women have- am I right? They are just SO.DAMN.SATISFYING.

BUT before we go any further with this, disclaimer: I am NOT down with Dr. Pimple Popper vibes. Whenever I tell someone I am slightly obsessed with popping pimples, they always say “oooh do you know Dr. Pimple Popper”. Nah- that’s too much for me. I am down for the occasional whitehead or a good blackhead, but that cystic shit is a hard no. It’s take a STRONG stomach for that.

THE PROBLEM IS WITH ME THOUGH, I don’t have a lot of “squeezable” acne. I have acne, but it’s deep, very rarely satisfying, & usually involves me going way too hard on my face. Every once in a while I get a great one & then I have to call Zack on his lunch break & describe it to him in full detail… cause I am actually psychotic.

ANWAYS! Zack has great skin, but there is always extractions to be made & he lets me cause he’d prefer I go after his face than mine (true love man).  So once a week I go into full facial mode on him- steam the face, lay back on the pillow, get my tools, & go to town. He whines the entire time, but such a mf trooper for my weird obsession… all while I am telling him to suck it up ha!

& then two weeks ago I got a DM that changed my life, a reader had who was INSISTING I needed a pore vacuum. My ears were perked immediately. I got on Amazon, did my intensive research, & decided on this cute pink pore vacuum of my very own.

There were mixed reviews on this device- some people said it bruised, some said it didn’t work at all, & majority said “HOLY SHIT IT WAS AMAZING”. I had to see for myself, but before I touched my skin with an unknown tool, I needed to test it on someone else.

OBVIOUSLY that someone would be Zack. So, he got home from work & I instructed him to take a shower ASAP (he must secretly love this because he hopped right in the shower). Opening the pores with a shower or washing your face is the most important part of this process or else your results won’t be as fabulous as ours were (but we’re getting there).

SO- once he showered & his pores were open I went right for the nose. As soon as the pore vacuum hit his nose I could see the extractions coming out. He said it felt weird, but the complaining was to a minimum compared to what it usually was & when I showed him the results he was SHOCKED & seemed pretty thrilled about it. I went on to the rest of his face & the results weren’t as thrilling. FIRST LESSON: nose is the spot for this bad boy.

THEN- it was my turn… aka the REAL test for this tool.

Like I said, I have SMALL pores & extractions are v hard when it comes to my skin. I am just not an easy extractor, so honestly wasn’t expecting much from this tool on me… I mainly bought it to satisfy my pimple popping needs on Zack… but I had to try.

I washed my face in warm water & then decided to try it out. I will say- I didn’t get nearly as much as Zack, but I got WAY more than I ever expected. Even Zack was shook over my results. I got super excited & ended up doing it every day for three days & ONLY THEN did i get a little bit of bruise… but it went away in a day so we are fine!!

SO TO SUM IT UP: yes it does work, make sure you shower or wash your face first, it works best on the nose, & don’t do it three days in a row!! It is 1000% worth the hype & just so damn satisfying I can’t even deal.

ALSO- it comes with four different heads that all serve different purposes! I have only done the pore vacuum attachment- but apparently one helps with fine lines, one has a microcrystalline rim for skin smoothing/exfoliating off dead skin (like a microderm!), & one helps with skin tightening. IDK about all of that, but I will definitely give it a go!

GET YOUR PORE VACUUM HERE!!! They did sell out of the pink, but trust me- I am serious when it comes to shopping on Amazon  & this one has the best *AUTHENTIC* reviews!!! & be sure to let me know what you think when yours comes in the mail. CAN’T WAIT TO LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU GUYS. 

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