My Chic AF Christmas Tree (all from Amazon!)


Let’s just make one thing clear-  I am 10000% Jewish. I’ve been Bat Mitzvah’d, I live for a proper lox & bagel, I spent majority of my Sunday’s growing up eating apples w/ honey, & I have always loved Hanukkah. I am not overly religious, but really am proud of my Jewish background.

THAT BEING SAID, I grew up seeing my friends parents put up the most gorgeous Christmas tree & I dreamed of a day where I could have both. What kid doesn’t want 8 days of gifts & followed up by a tree with more gifts?

& when I met Zack & we spent our first Christmas together, I got my very first tree for him (aka Hanukkah Bush). It was a tiny ass Charlie Brown tree & I did all of my own DIY ORNAMENTS. Cute for a first tree, but weak compared to what I did this year.

Once the menorah was put away, I got started on the tree & not to brag but… it’s really fucking chic. It’s all white, twinkling, dripping in crystals & disco balls, & basically the most KIRAKIRA friendly tree you’ve ever seen. The best part is- I got everything from Amazon! Even though I am really trying to work on my domestic abilities these days, there is zero reason to leave the house when you have PRIME.

So- I wanted to break down what’s on my tree for you guys for this year if you’re late to the party (with prime, you’ve still got time) or to bookmark & save for next years tree vibes. It’s lit. 

chic white Christmas tree decor, fashionlush

+ WHITE FAUX CHRISTMAS TREE: I have done a real tree once & NEVER AGAIN. The needles were a nightmare to clean up everyday. It was in our old house & when we moved out they were still EVERYWHERE. A faux tree is a better option for us & we will definitely be reusing it over & over again. I chose white, cause honestly, green doesn’t go with my home decor or my Instagram feed. We got the 7ft tree & it’s perfect!

+ FAIRY LIGHTS: does anyone still use regular christmas tree lights? Fairy lights are way better. Daintier, prettier, & easier to string around the tree.

+ CRYSTAL CHANDELIER STRANDS: I wanted my tree to sparkle A LOT so I started with crystal chandelier strands. I like to look for non traditional ornaments & these dangling crystals were a lot cheaper than regular old ornaments.

+ SPARKLY RHINESTONE TRIM: also not a typical Christmas tree decoration, but I love a good rhinestone detail & this is so chic to drape around the tree. Our tree is 7 feet tall & we got two rolls to make sure the tree really came thru drippin’.

+ DISCO BALL ORNAMENTS: This is the second year in a row I have gotten these ornaments (this tree was bigger, so I needed a new pack). I LOVE these ornaments. It gives the tree that studio 54 vibe I was looking for.

+ SPARKLY WHITE ORNMANETS: to fill up the rest of the tree I went for simple white glittery ball ornaments. These are SUPER durable- Ruby knocks them off the tree all the time (she likes to sleep under the tree) & none have broke.

+ THE SPECIAL ORNAMENTS: of course we have some special ornaments. For the past few years Zack & I surprise each other with an ornament. Luckily majority of ours are white. If you watch the video you will see a few cute gold dipped white antlers, some fuzzy woodland creatures, & not pictured is our special Bitzy yorkie ornament.

+ WHITE GLITTER STAR TREE TOPPER: I am not into a crazy tree topper tbh. I went for the simple white glittery star to go with the theme. I would’ve liked black maybe, but couldn’t find one.

+ WHITE FAUX FUR TREE SKIRT: I usually just put a shaggy rug around the tree but this year I got fancy & got my self a tree skirt. It will look better when I have all black wrapped presents under the tree… but haven’t gotten to that just yet.

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