DIY Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Highlighter Dupe (for under $10!)

fashionlush, marc jacobs dew drops dupe, diy

I am a sucker for a product with a good name, & something about “Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel highlighter” had me really wanting. I own a good deal of powder highlighters & definitely don’t need to shell out $50 on another one- but liked the idea of a liquid highlighter.

I had Dew Drops in my cart ready to checkout numerous times, but I just kept backing out cause I felt like the price was a little steep. I took my search to Amazon & found a liquid highlighter that looked promising. The name wasn’t as yummy sounding, there wasn’t a lot of reviews, & no coconut gel- BUT LITERALLY, the only affordable liquid highlight I could find.

When it came in the mail, I was pissed. It was THICK & CHUNKY. Not the glowy goddess-y vibe that I assumed the dew drops would produce. It sat on my shelf for months.

Last week, I was thinking about Dew Drops again, at this point you’d think I’d just suck it up & buy it… I didn’t & I’m SO GLAD cause last week I had a genius fucking lightbulb go off in my head.

SO GENIUS- I had to share this ridiculously easy hack with you guys.

fashionlush, marc jacobs dew drops dupe, diy

Get the thick chunky liquid highlighter for $10 & then find a skin oil you have at home. Almost ANY skin oil will work- jojoba, CBD, rose, almond, hemp, etc. The only oil I actually would NOT use on my face is coconut oil as coconut oil solidifies in your pores and causes acne.

I chose to use my CBD facial oil & simply added 6 drops of it to my highlighter. I shook the bottle, tested it, added one more drop cause I wanted it even more LIQUID-Y & it quickly became my new favorite highlighter. I apply it with a beauty blender to my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, & cupids bow and I also add a drop to my foundation for extra glow.

*SIDE NOTE: the amount of drops you use depends on the oil, start small & build up!*

To be honest, I haven’t tried dew drops ever… but I HAVE scoured Google for swatches & it really looks like a perfect match to me. That perfect golden glow. If you covet that Kardashian/Jenner glow, shell out the $10. You won’t be disappointed.

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