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DIY CBD Glittery Bath Bombs

There are bath people & then there are shower people… I am a major bath person. I always have been. Growing up, literally if anything was wrong, my mom would tell me to take a bath. That somehow made me feel like a bath can solve anything.

I am “connected” majority of the day, so it’s just crucial for my sanity/workflow to have that time to relax. I like to go big with my baths too- light my favorite candle, bath bubbles, essential oils, bath bombs, & a good podcast. It is the highlight of my day.

I have also converted Zack to a full blow bath take…. which is actually getting annoying. We legit fight over who gets to the bath first & he get’s so annoyed because I always get there before him. My baths are like a 45 minute ordeal & there is never hot water left for him. Sorry babe.

ANYWAYS- we try to do something fun together once a week & the other week we decided to make some DIY CBD BATH BOMBS for our bath obsession. This was one of those as seen on Pinterest projects, but we kinda tweaked the recipe to be extra pain relieving. Instead of just regular essential oil bath bombs we included detox epsom salt & CBD for the ultimate muscle soothing detoxifying bath bomb.

You can read all about the many benefits of CBD here & here, but as a refresher- it is seriously the best pain reliever out. If I have a headache, I drop some on my tongue. If my low back hurts, I rub some oil or salve on the area for almost instant relief. Some people vape CBD to calm their nerves (I go straight to the flower lol)– but basically, it’s a cure all.

SO- these bath bombs are epic & probably my first Pinterest project that actually turned out amazing. They are SHOCKINGLY easy to make. Once you learn how, you’ll never need to go to the LUSH store at the mall again (which is great, cause that store is always a shit show).


+ 8oz epsom salt

+ 8oz corn starch

+ 8oz baking soda

+ 4oz citric acid (when mixed with baking soda, this is what makes bath bombs fizz!!

+ bath bomb molds

+ CBD oil (1 dropper full bath bomb made- we made 6 total, so 6 dropper fulls!)

+ 1 tablespoon oil (any oil works- we did hemp to keep in the family)

+ 1 1/2 teaspoon water

+ cosmetic grade biodegradable gold glitter: I wanted glittery bath bombs for aesthetic reasons, but I was definitely way too heavy handed with the glitter. I was shimmering for a week, but it actually ended up looking great on camera. I was very glowy. Go for MUCH less glitter than me or maybe some dried rose petals instead! If you do glitter, make sure it is COSMETIC GRADE & BIODEGRADABLE. Regular glitter gets into our oceans & is dangerous to the marine life.

+ essential oils of your liking

DIY CBD bath bombs step by step:

1. combine all your dry ingredients into a large bowl- epsom salt, citric acid, baking soda, corn starch. Add in your “flair”- glitter, food coloring, dried flowers, etc.

2. in a small bowl combine all your wet ingredients- water, CBD oil, & hemp/coconut/avocado oil.

3. SLOWLY SLOWLY SLOWLY pour your liquid mixture into your dry mixture. Little by little, stirring in between. You do NOT want it to start to fizz, and if you dump the liquid mixture in, it will fizz.

4. Once all your liquid is poured in, whisk until there are no clumps. When all mixed, the consistency should be that of damp sand. Grab some in your hand & see if it holds it shape when you release your grip. If so, you’re good to go. If not, add a SMIDGE more water.

5. PACK YOUR MOLDS, and don’t dilly dally! This is time sensitive because you don’t want your mixture to dry out. Pack each half separately & really PACK it down. Put both halves together & repeat until you fill all your modes.

6. Let dry for 24 hours & THAT’S SERIOUSLY IT. Easy peasy bath bombs, with magical healing powers!!

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