10 Must-Know Lipstick Hacks

A lipstick is a makeup tool that is part of every woman’s daily beauty routine. So, today, we would like to get you familiar with the 10 Must-Know Lipstick Hacks that you will for sure find really useful. Check them out. Enjoy!

How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

If you want to achieve the effect of Angelina Jolie lips, than you should follow the simple tutorial below. Simply draw your lips outside of the lines with a lip liner and after that fill in your lips with a lip color.

How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

All women dream about a long lasting lipstick, so here is the guide to making your lipstick last longer.

DIY Matte Lipstick

Make your own matte lipstick by applying a lip gloss and a matching powder blush color.

The Nude Lip Trick

The following step-by-step tutorial is the right one for wearing a nude lipstick. Check it out.

A Guide To Finding Your Perfect Nude Lip Color

When choosing the right nude lip color for you, make sure you choose one shade darker than your skin tone. The darker the skin, the darker your lipstick should be.

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A Guide To Finding Your Perfect Red Lip Color

And when it comes to choosing the right red lip color for you, follow the guide below. If you are fair, opt for a blue-based red, if you have olive skin tone, choose an orange undertones, and if you have dark skin tone, go for a burgundy red.

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Use A Broken Eye Shadow As A Lipstick

When your eye shadow, that is just like a lip color, crumbles, use it as a lipstick. Mix the broken pieces with a balm and then apply it to your lips.

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Use Lipstick As Blush

Besides lipstick’s primary use to color your lips, you can also use it as a blush. Make sure you blend it well with your finger.

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Keep The Lipstick Off Your Teeth

Nobody wants to smile and have a lipstick on their teeth. So the best way to keep your lipstick off your teeth is to stick your finger in your mouth and just pull it out.

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How To Fix A Broken Lipstick

If you have accidentally broken your favorite lipstick here is what you should do. Melt the end with a lighter and affix it back to the base. After that melt the two pieces where they meet to fuse them back together.


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These were the 10 Must-Know Lipstick Hacks that we have chosen for you today and we are sure that you will find them really useful. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with us to find other useful life-changing hacks.

April 5, 2015

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