10 Yummy Ways to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The combination of chocolate with strawberries is loved by all. But instead of dipping them in plain melted chocolate, you can be a little more creative and decorate your strawberries in a unique way. Regarding the ideas, take a look:

1. Make Chocolate Strawberry Teacups as a Perfect Dessert for a Tea Party

2. Coat Your Strawberries in Orange Candy Melts to Mimic Carrots

3. Cut Strawberries in Half, Join Them with Toothpicks and Coat in Chocolate to Make Hearts

4. Cover Strawberries in Petals Created from Modeling Chocolate to Make Roses

5. Coat Strawberries in Neon Candy Melts and Then Put Edible Glitter

6. Make Mickey or Minnie Mouse Strawberries

7. Coat Your Strawberries in Green Candy Melts and Then Make Ninja Turtles with Contrasting Color Candy Melts

8. Make White Chocolate Covered Strawberry Easter Bunnies

9. Dip Your Strawberries in White Chocolate and Then Dip in Sprinkles

10. Make These Wonderful Rainbow Strawberries with Candy Melts in Rainbow Colors

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