Pregnancy is a beautiful time with the excitement of your new bundle of joy just around the corner but it can also be a difficult time with morning sickness, tiredness and you expanding body. Over the coming months your body will be changing to accommodate your growing baby and your work wardrobe will need to expand with it. In the early days of pregnancy, you will be keeping your wonderful news to yourself so you will have to keep going at work through some of this which might cause you some discomfort.  If you work in an office where the attire is mostly business style you will need to find some ways to accommodate your growing body while remaining stylish and in keeping with the office attire expectations.


  1. A number of maternity dresses

One of the most comfortable options in maternity office wear is a maternity dress. Dresses designed for pregnancy come in various shapes and sizes and will grow comfortably with your bump. Dresses work well in the office in the summer and paired with pantyhose in the winter to keep you warm. Also a couple of dresses should see you through your pregnancy and can always be worn if you have any formal events coming up throughout your pregnancy too.


  1. Comfortable yet smart maternity pants

One of the best things you can buy will be a comfortable pair of maternity pants. If you select something in black, grey or navy you will be able to wear them in the office throughout the duration of your pregnancy paired with a variety of different tops which will help keep you comfortable, cool and look stylish.


  1. Pregnancy camisole tops

Camisole tops are a pregnancy godsend and will go without any outfit, works brilliantly as an undergarment and will grow with your ever expanding bump. Many are also nursing tops which means post-partum they are a brilliant as well for comfort and as well as ease for breastfeeding too.


  1. Maternity tops

There are a great number of more formal looking tops designed for pregnancy which looks great in an office environment. Wrap over tops, high necked maternity tops and belted tops all of which look great paired with a good pair of maternity pants and ballerina flats.


  1. Comfortable shoes

If you are pregnant throughout the warmer months of the year a comfortable pair of ballerina flats will look perfect in the office as well as keeping your feet feel comfortable the heavier you get. If you are pregnant throughout the colder months of the year some flat ankle boots will look great with pants or some flat knee high boots will look great paired with a maternity dress.


Image by Themil is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)