With the end of summer in sight for many of us, as we all frantically eek out the last days of warm sunshine, soon enough we will notice that familiar fall chill in the air and our minds will turn towards the winter ahead. Although I am not quite ready to give up on summer just yet I have to admit that fall is my favorite season, with beautiful colors, pumpkin flavor and scent everywhere what is not to love about this magical time of year! With all this beauty unfortunately comes the cold and that means it is time to start thinking about the dreaded winter coat. Depending on where you live obviously depends on which level of warmth you are going to need this winter, so today we are going to look at coats from lightest to heaviest to give you a great range of options no matter your location or own personal style.


Padded Winter Coat

If you live somewhere where you have particularly cold winters a padded winter jacket will be the perfect coat to see you through the winter. As well as keeping you warm this style of coat will also keep you nice and dry too throughout the rainy winter. Pair this jacket with a warm winter scarf, a hat and some nice gloves.


Rain Jacket

If you are looking for something to keep the rain off of you, if you live somewhere that can be particularly rainy throughout the winter then you might want to invest in a rain jacket. These are great paired with a warm winter fleece and also are great if you spend a lot of time outdoors.


Leather Jacket

Not the perfect coat to see you through the winter but definitely one to make the list, but you will want to make sure this is not your only winter coat as you will find this will not keep you warm. A leather jacket can also be a great transitional jacket when the seasons change, particularly in spring and fall. Wear over the top to a warm sweater to ensure you remain warm while wearing this jacket.


Trench Coat

Another great style of coat for winter, especially if you are looking for a coat to wear either with office attire when you are going to work or if you are going out for the evening. A double breasted trench coat is a great stylish coat for the winter. Pair it with a great umbrella to ensure you keep your head dry too as most varieties of trench coat do not come with a hood. A light scarf and a pair of leather winter gloves will look fantastically on trend.


Image by Pexels is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)