Blush is a great way to bring your face to live, inject some color and helps to give you a healthy glow, and whether you are pale or of a darker skin tone a gorgeous colored blush will help to bring a little more color to your face. A cream blush will give you a soft natural glow but they are not known for their staying power. A blush tint is the perfect choice for to create a natural, dewy but flushed look and also are known for lasting throughout the day as will a powder blush. To select a color blush that is just right for you, you will want to choose a color that is not too much darker than your natural skin tone but as a general rule of thumb a peach blush shade work well with most skin tones.


How to apply blush

As with most make up, with blush less is most definitely more and by using a blush brush you will want to apply a small amount of powder or cream blush. First of all your will want to find the center of your cheeks which is where they are the most pronounced and where you will want to apply your blush. The easiest way to find this is smile and you will be able to easily find the center of your cheeks.


How can highlight help

If you fancy a more dewy look you might want to consider an iridescent powder or highlighter. A highlighter can completely change your look and if you apply it correctly it will help create a beautiful dewy look which will make you look amazing and for a pale skin tone pink highlighter tones work perfectly. The aim when applying highlighter is to get that reflective dewy look and you do not want to end up looking overly shiny or glittery. If you find a product that appears to give your skin a slight sheen then this is the look of what you are going for. You should apply highlighter to your cheekbones, temples, eyes and the cupids bow.


And what about bronzer

A bronzer is a great way to warm up your skin tone and are generally used to create a more tanned look as well as being used for contouring your face. The key to using a bronzer, like blush, is less is more and you will want to use your bronzer first, applying it underneath your cheekbones to lightly contour. You will also want a light sweep across the forehead and under your chin too. If you use both an blush and bronzer together the combination will give you the most natural finish possible. To apply your bronzer you will want to use a large powder brush on your upper cheeks, nose and forehead and can be used with either a powder blush, bronzing beads or cream bronzer. If you apply bronzer under your cheekbones is a great way to help accentuate them and make them stand out and a matte bronzer works will for this.


Image by Purplegillian is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)