If you are of an older generation you night be mistaken into thinking that fashion is just for the younger generations coming through but this could not be more untrue, and while there are certainly things you might want to stay away from (but by no means have to) being over 50 means nothing in terms of fashion. Today we are going to answer some frequently asked questions for the over 50s in regards to what to and what not to wear.


Q1: Can I wear shorts and short skirts once I am over 50?

A1: Of course you can! If you do not feel comfortable wearing short skirts, such as mini or shorter skirts there are a number of great skirts with a slightly longer length. Midi skirts are a great choice and very fashionable right now, as are maxi skirts which are great for the summer too. If you are worried about your shorts being too short there are a number of longer denim shorts or Bermuda shorts.


Q2: Should I stay away from certain colors once I reach a certain age?

You should only stay away from colors if you do not like them or do not think they suit your coloring, not because of your age. Wear whatever you like in whatever color you like.


Q3: Should I get rid of my high heels and opt for something more comfortable?

If you find heels uncomfortable then a lower shoe might be best for you, you can pick something with a kitten heel or even some ballerina flats. However, if you are comfortable in wearing high heeled shoes then continue wearing them, it has nothing to do with your age only your comfort.


Q4: Are there any outfits that I should stay away from now I am a little older?

Technically no, you should be able to wear whatever you like and if you feel as happy and as though it suits you then there is no reason to wear what you want.

If you feel subconscious about parts of your body as you get older, such as your legs and your stomach you might want to stay away from a few items of clothing. Avoid cropped t-shirts or rock them by adding a small, lightweight camisole top underneath. Also very short skirts can be replaced by something with a slightly longer length if you prefer.


Q5: Should I avoid wearing tight clothing even though I can still get away with it?

You absolutely do not have to avoid anything, if you still feel, happy and comfortable and look great in what you are wearing then continue to do what you have always done. Age is just a number and as long as you feel comfortable and happy that is all that matters.


Image by Unsplash is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)