You know those people who just look amazing without any help in the morning? Annoying, aren’t they? Well, they haven’t exactly been getting that wake-up-beautiful look completely on their own. Sure, some of it may just be a very lucky roll of the genetics dice. But, it also turns out they’ve probably been getting some help from a few simple tricks any of us can employ!


  • Drink water – No, it’s not an old wives tale. Drinking lots of water actually does help not only your body but your skin as well. When you are dehydrated, your skin tends to look more dry and wrinkled. So keep that water bottle filled throughout the day!
  • Moisturize – Once your body and skin are hydrated, moisturizer helps to retain that hydration. Make sure though that the moisturizer is fairly light and non-comedogenic (meaning that it won’t clog pores and cause pimples).
  • Wash your face – We know that life can be hectic sometimes, but trust us, the effects of leaving makeup on your skin overnight are not pretty. Not only do you smear it all over your face and pillow, but you could be doing irreparable harm. Literally. Skin repairs itself while you sleep, and makeup can clog your pores and not allow the skin to breathe. This causes uneven skin tone, redness, acne, dryness, and the worsening of wrinkles. It also can increase your exposure to free radicals that cause collagen breakdown. Most doctors say that unless you have very oily skin or acne, most people only need to wash their faces once daily, and it should be at night.
  • Use a toner – Even if your skin is on the dry side, toner is an important step not to skip. Toner helps to tighten your skin, clear out your pores (which might not have been thoroughly cleansed with a simple face wash) and it also removes oil and grease that builds up during the day. Those with dry or sensitive skin can find many toner options specifically designed for use on your skin type.
  • Apply sunscreen – This is definitely a no-brainer. In this day and age of skin cancer awareness, applying sunscreen daily is a must. And yes, you still need to apply it if there’s no sun to be seen! Even though the burning UVB rays are lessened by clouds, the ultra-damaging UVA rays from the sun still manage to penetrate. On sunny days, the SPF already present in most makeup will not be enough to keep your skin safe from the unseen, deeper damage UVA rays cause.
  • Exfoliate – Our skin is continuously sloughing off dead skin cells as new ones come to the surface. Take those dead cells and pile on top the makeup and treatments we apply daily, and the look of your skin (and that of your makeup) can suffer. When you wash your face and body, you do provide it with a light form of exfoliation. However, to really rid dull, dead cells from the surface of your skin, you need to scrub a bit more. There are plenty of natural and/or organic scrubs available, designed to not overly strip or damage the skin during the exfoliation process. Those with sensitive skin may wish to exfoliate every other day rather than daily. For everyone else though…start scrubbing!