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I know, it’s been a REAL hot minute since I’ve done a good DIY project, but this one was one of my faves for the holidays!! I did this post 3 years ago in collab w/ Charlotte Russe on their blog. They no longer have that blog, & I have gotten messages to bring the directions over to this post.

SO HERE WE ARE- how ever many years later. BECAUSE WHO WOULDN’T WANT INSTAGRAM COASTERS? This is a great gift for:

+ your Mom, with photos of all her kids/grandkids (although I’d probably just do photos of me to remind her I’m the favorite)

+ your BFF with photos of the two of you over the years

+ your dog obsessed sibling, aka me, with photos of his/her fur babies

+ your boyfriend, with pictures of your face to remind him daily that you’re the real gift.

+ & OF COURSE- for the blogger in your life who needs a coaster set of her best #OOTD’s.

Basically, they make the perfect gift for anyone in your life & so easy to make!! I actually need to make a new set & I think a set for Zack w/ photos of me would be perfect… it will be like me reminding him every morning to use a damn coaster with his coffee.

fashionlush, holiday diy, diy gift, instagram coasters

diy instagram photo coasters

supplies: white ceramic tiles, glossy Mod Podge, foam brushes, printed Instagram photos

1. First you need to print your photos & I used this service for that! They print them so that they are square and ready to go. If you use the tiles I chose, make sure your prints are 4×4.

2. When your photos come in the mail, pull out your tiles & WIPE THEM CLEAN. It’s a real bummer if there is a little piece of anything under your photo when you lie it down!

3. Cover your tile in Mod Podge using the sponge brush (2 layers!) & lay down your photo. LET DRY.

4. Once dry, repeat the above Mod Podge process OVER the image to seal it in & protect it from coffee rings! Make sure to paint this layer VERY smooth so you have a smooth finish & let it dry for 24-48 hours before touching it!

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