10 Unique Ways to Make a Pizza

We all love pizza and if you have become bored of making the round shape of pizza over and over then give it a whole new look while using the same ingredients. For example if you are baking mini pizzas for a party then you can make pinwheels or pizza pockets. Or if you have to make a pizza for your family for dinner today then give it a shape of a cake. So, take a look at different ways to create your pizza:

1. A Volcano Pizza That Packs a Lot of Flavors in One

2. Individual Pizzas in The Shape of Cones

3. Pepperoni Pizza Twists That Are Perfect for Parties

4. Pinwheel Mini Pizzas That Kids Will Simply Love

5. How About a Pizza Cake That Has Layers of Pure Yumminess?

6. Pizza Pockets That Are Delicious Party Snacks

7. Try These Pizza Waffles and Surprise Your Family

8. Cute and Scrumptious Pizza Pops

9. Tantalizing Pull Part Pizza Breads

10. Yummylicious Pizza Party Rings

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