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Must-Have Sephora Products

Happy Thursday!

As you probably know by now 😂 there’s a big Sephora sale going on! I wanted to get all my Sephora favorites together in one place so you can take advantage of these savings if you choose to do so, or, feel free to come back anytime you need product recommendations! 

I am a big Sephora lover, and there are TONS of products that I’ve tried and loved, but I know shopping for beauty products can get overwhelming pretty quickly, so to make things easy, I’m rounding up on my TIP TOP favorites below. (Also, keep in mind, a lot of the products I use aren’t available at Sephora–you can see what non-Sephora products I use in my skincare routine here!) 

Dates the sale becomes available based on Sephora status–runs through 4/19! 

  • If you have Rouge status, you can shop now and take 20% off! 
  • If you have VIB status, you can shop now and take 15% off along with free shipping with $35 purchase.
  • And if you have Insider status, you can shop now and take 10% during the event + free shipping with $50 purchase.

All tiers use code OMGSPRING 

My Favorite Sephora Products:

Happy shopping! 


First Aid Beauty Pure Face Cleanser

If you’re looking for an all-in-one cleanser for dry to normal to combo skin, I LOVE this one. It’s a newer obsession, and while I typically like to double cleanse (using this after I remove my makeup with an oil cleanser) this totally does the trick and removes makeup all in one if I’m too tired. It’s super gentle, non-stripping, and I swear it’s helped tame breakouts, too!

Isle of Paradise sunless tanning drops: 

Curiosity finally got the best of me and I purchased these tanning drops a month or so ago. I’ve only used them on my face, but I really like them so far! I like that it gives you a really subtle, natural, buildable glow and all you have to do is mix with your moisturizer! They do still have a faint sunless tanning smell, but what product doesn’t? I will keep you posted after I use them on body–but first impressions, I really like them for face and didn’t have a problem with them breaking me out!

Necessaire body wash: 

I purchased this body wash and their moisturizer after seeing every influencer I know promoting it. (Curiosity always gets the best of me! 😂) I will say, I genuinely do not understand how anyone could be obsessed with the moisturizer (granted, I know many of you are–skincare is so personal!) but I LOVEEE the body wash. It’s really gentle, non-drying, and smells so good that it makes my very lackluster shower feel like a fancy spa experience. Such a wonderful pick-me-up. The Eucalyptus scent is my favorite!

Kopari Natural Deodorant:

One of my longgg time go-to’s. It works well, and doesn’t irritate my underarms like many other products do! (Note: It’s not an antiperspirant, so you’ll still sweat, but it is a very effective deodorant!)

Farmacy Deep Sweep:

I tend to use this after washing my face, the frequency depending on my skin at the time. I’ve found this is great for helping to control breakouts (especially if you tend to have issues with maskne) but I don’t usually use it more than a couple times per week so as not to over dry my skin. (However, those with combo/oily skin would have no problem using this every night!) I love that it has 2% BHA and is gently exfoliating without stripping (alcohol-free!).

Sunday Riley ICE cream 

I will admit, the brand sent this to me last year in a press mailer and I did nothing with it until this winter. For whatever reason I decided to finally open it and give it a try and I fell in LOVE. I just ran out and will be re-upping during the sale. It’s a ceramide cream, which really helps lock in moisture and sooth any irritation you might have. (I’ve had friends say this is great for eczema too!) It is VERY RICH but doesn’t make skin greasy! It makes your skin baby soft!

Tip: Don’t miss your lips when applying this! It helps dry lips immensely!

Ilia Tinted Lip Oil: 

Speaking of dry lips, I LOVE this tinted lip oil (and Ilia is a great brand!) I think the name is kind of misleading, it doesn’t feel like an oil, it feels like a pigmented liquid lipstick/gloss, but is infused with oil and other hydrating ingredients, so it gives you great, natural-looking color without being drying! The bottle I have has lasted me two years!

 Caudalie Clarifying Mask 

Another heavy hitter I’ve been using for years and years. I love this clarifying mask and it’s great for when you need a little extra exfoliation or brightening. Makes your complexion feel fresh and new!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Essence

If you’re looking to even out your skin tone and lighten dark spots, I love this toner from Caudalie! Use a cotton ball to sweep it on morning and night! Caudalie is one of my favorite brands–they’re clean, high quality, and I’ve never used a product of theirs I didn’t like!

Farmacy Green Defense Sunscreen:

One of my all-time favorite sunscreens! I LOVE Farmacy–they’re a clean brand that has their own organic farm in New York where they grow all the ingredients they use in their products! So cool! They make my favorite all-purpose (for all skin types) mineral-based face sunscreen. It does come out white but blends in really easily! Gives me no issues wearing under makeup, either!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I have several favorite dry shampoos, but this is my “all purpose, one and done” dry shampoo pick. It makes your hair feel clean and just-washed, makes it smell GREAT and adds awesome volume and texture! No other one I’ve found does it all like this one!

Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara

I’ve tried SO many mascaras over the years and nothing tops this one. It has to be the one in the silver tube though, I don’t like the black tube as much! It’s super buildable so you can use one coat for daytime or extra coats for going out at night! It makes your lashes huge but not in the over dramatic fake way––they still look natural! No, it’s not “clean”–but no clean mascara stands up to this one, not even close! (And I’m okay with that. Almost everything else I use is–so, YOLO.)

Peter Thomas Roth FirmRX Peel

This is a GODSEND when your skin is dry and flaky and you can’t put foundation on without it flaking off. (So embarassing). It’s seriously amazing and I don’t know what I would do without it. I buy it in two bottles at a time so I never run out. It’s a gentle peel that exfoliates but also leaves your skin looking firm and fresh. Not a *clean* brand, but again, passes the 80/20 rule in my book, and since you wash it off quickly, it doesn’t concern me too much!

Supergoop Glow Screen: 

If you’re looking for a *cleaner/safer* chemical sunscreen (and don’t want a mineral sunscreen), Glow Screen is AWESOME. (Doesn’t contain oxybenzone!) It’s slightly tinted, looks amazing all on its own or worn under makeup to give you a dewy glow. Because it’s more like a makeup product that makes you feel pretty, it’s a good one for those who can never get themselves to remember to apply sunscreen!

Kopari Lip Glossy:

Another big favorite in the lip balm/gloss category–this is the best of both worlds! It looks like a gloss, but hydrates like a balm, and has a little hint of coconut! I love both tinted and clear and one is usually always within arm’s reach!

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